Welcome to the little corner of our community where Cindy Battreall, Office Manager and Assistant Secretary to the Board, works.  Cindy has a wealth of information and is always ready and willing to help Stockholders with questions and concerns.  So, from time to time, Cindy will use this Page to post questions she frequently receives from Stockholders with answers, as well as reminders and informational tips that will be useful to newcomers as well as Vail's Grove "Long Livers."

  As the years go by, there are probably trees at the Grove that are not healthy, or have limbs/branches that are not strong anymore.  Please remember to check the trees on your leased property for any signs of this.  It is your responsibilty to take care of those trees on your property before a possible accident occurs.  Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.

Please remember that when you are re-financing your mortgage, you must submit an application to the office three weeks prior to the next board meeting (which is the third Thursday or each month).
An appraisal of the property is necessary and you must be a member in good standing. In addition, there is a legal fee of $150 for our attorney to review the new Recognition Agreement.

Quarterly Invoices
Quarterly Charge Invoices are sent out on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.  The mailing of these invoices is a courtesy.  If you do not receive your bill for whatever reason, you are still responsible for paying the charges by the last day of that billing month.  Finance charges for non-payment are assessed on the first of each month.

Oil Tank Insurance
Please remember to renew your oil tank insurance and remember to supply a copy of the insurance to the office for the files.

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