Vail's Grove Cooperative has a number of Committees chaired by members of the Board of Directors and by Stockholders. You don't need to be on the Board to chair or be a member of a Committee. Please take a few minutes to go through this section of our Web site to learn about these Committees and their various responsibilities and activities. Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged to participate in the Committees' activities and may do so by contacting the Committee Chair or the Board Chairperson.

Beach Committee
Juliann Salerno

This Committee is responsible for maintenance and upgrades to the Beach area as well as hiring and managing of Beach Staff. The Committee also, from time to time, will host events at the Beach during the nice weather months.

Boat Ramp & Storage Committee
Pat McGuinness, Chair

Ken Sullivan
Jack Keiley
Sam Mullins
Sean Kelly
John Myers

This Committee was formed in 2008 when new Rules & Regulations regarding the use of these Vail's Grove facilities were approved by the Board of Directors.  The goals of the Committee include protecting shareholder property, protecting Peach Lake from unwanted organisms and protecting the Cooperative from liability issues associated with these facilities.

Buildings & Grounds Committee
Hugh Andrews. Chair

The Committee is responsible for maintaining and improving the all areas of Vail’s Grove including, but not limited to, the roads, common buildings, beach and pump areas, gardens, etc.  The Maintenance department encourages any stockholder who has an idea to improve the Cooperative to contact Jay at the Maintenance Office:845-803-2786

Finance Committee

Ellen Mytych

This Committee is responsible for the financial well-being of the Cooperative.

Grievance Committee
Joan Myers, Board Member

Insurance Committee
David Janecek - Chair

The Committee continues to monitor the insurance coverage of the Cooperative as to both costs, limits and liability.  At present, there are no pending Liability or Property Damage claims against the Cooperative.

Lake Environment/PLEC Committee

Pat Ryan

Maureen McGuire

Tom Duffy

Helen Vail

Pat McGuinness

Jack Waltzer

Legal Committee
Mary Vail, Esq.

The Committee renders oral opinions whenever requested to the Chairperson, the Board of Directors and consults with the Board of Directors over the course of the year on all matters having legal implication.

The primary purpose of the Committee is to aid the Board in the practice of preventative law and assist the Board in the legal preservation of the Cooperative’s assets. From time to time, the Committee renders direct legal assistance to stockholders.

Long Range Planning Committee

The role of the Committee is to establish a mechanism to help ensure fiscal responsibility for the corporation for projects/capital improvements.  The Committee will do this by determining the list of capital improvements needed/desired by the Corporation, determine the money we have and the money we need to accomplish the improvements and create and oversee an annual rolling list of capital improvements.

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