Vail's Grove Cooperative has a number of committees chaired by members of the Board of Directors and by Stockholders. You don't need to be on the Board to chair or be a member of a committee. Please take a few minutes to go through this section of our Web site to learn about these committees and their various responsibilities and activities. Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged to participate in the Committees' activities and may do so by contacting the Committee Chair.

Helen Vaill, Chair

Membership Committee

Juliann Salerno , Co-Chair
Bri Kane Co-Chair

Hugh Andrews, Co-Chair


The Membership Committee's mission is to maintain the safety, quality of living, integrity and financial stability of our community as we evaluate prospective members, renters and refinance requests to Vail's Grove Cooperative, Inc.

Ton Sarno, Chair

Pavilion Rental Committee
Cindy Battreall, Chair

Rules and Regulations Committee

David Janecek
Jack Waltzer

This committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board of Directors for changes and updates/deletions to the Rules and Regulations.

Public Health/Pumphouse Committee

Pat McGuinness - Chair

Real Estate Committee
Tom Duffy, Co-Chair

Real Estate Committee oversees the review and approval process of all applications for alterations/renovations, by ensuring that all property line clearances, plot plans, building plans, height of structures, etc., are in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of Vail's Grove Cooperative, Inc.

Recreation/Social Committee

Juliann Salerno Chair

Sunshine Committee
Sue Enos, Chair

The mission of the committee is to express the sympathy or condolences of the Cooperative and its Stockholders, to all those who are ill or have suffered the loss of a loved one and to welcome new babies to the Grove.

Welcome Committee
Denise Andrews, Chair
The mission of this committee is to welcome new Stockholders with a basket of welcoming treats, phone directory, area information, etc.  The response to these new "welcomes" has been wonderful.

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